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​​​​​Before we can begin exploring Mars for human survival we need to affect the triple point. Understanding the triple point psi chart and how we can effect it...
So why the triple point chart? Begining in any terraforming project we need the psi to be at least in balance so that there can be surface water without boiling away and enough pressure to sustain life. Many of us have ideas about this. Also, pressure can effect aridness or storms. Mars sits right at about 0 where the triple point meets.
What kind of technology do we need to begin such an adventure? We will need every invented and uninvented type of technology available.
​flag, by NASA

​​And our dreams and our entities.​​​​​​​​​​​                                                     
Mars just sits there
What are the politics of any captured barren land?

​​Isn't it more than just an idea to find unexplored land to work with?​​​​​​​​​​​

It is the idea of politics, shaping a society into a world we want, whether we begin here on earth or harbor for a new generation in the far aways.  Chaotic evolution of all that we hope for and dream up, but mainly the concept of what we stand for and believe. Our personal pioneering.